Check Aadhar Card Status Update Online 2020 | Download Aadhar Card Online

Did you apply for new Aadhar card or update your existing Aadhar card? If you did any of this and want to know the status of Aadhar card or Check Aadhar Card Status Update Online 2020 | Download Aadhar Card Online, and want to download Aadhar card online then read this article below. Opening up of Bank Accounts, Pan Cards, LPG Subsidy, EPFs and what not! Aadhar, a unique identity project launched by the central government in 2009 has become one of the basic necessity for every individual residing in India.

Its a 12-digit unique identity number issued by UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) which now a days is required every where at every step, so having it is one of your primary duties to do. Check your Aadhar card status by date of birth or By Aadhar number.

Check Aadhar Card Status Update Online 2020 | Download Aadhar Card Online

Once you apply for Aadhar Card from enrollment centre, it takes up to 90 days for the generation of your Aadhar. When you apply, you get an enrollment slip from the enrollment centre that you should keep safe with you for checking your Aadhar Status.

Yes, i am taking about enrollment number, now don’t get confused with these two terms – Enrollment number and Aadhar Number. Both are unique in their own ways. Where Aadhar number is a 12-digit number on the other hand Enrollment Number is a 28-digit number, which is used for checking your Aadhar Status at UIDAI website.

How To Check Aadhaar Card Status 2020 Download Online/ अपने आधार कार्ड स्टेटस के बारे में ऑनलाइन जानकारी कैसे प्राप्त करें

As we all know that every thing is getting digital now a days. So, the status of your Aadhaar Card can also be checked online. All you have to do is follow the steps we are providing you.

  1. Go to the official website of UIDAI, i.e., .
  2. After visiting the official site of Aadhar Card, go to ‘My Aadhaar’ section, and click on ‘Check Aadhaar Status’ to check if your Aadhaar is generated.
  3. After clicking on that, you will be directed to a next page from where you can check if your Aadhaar Card has been generated or not by filling all the manadatory fields asked like your Enrollment id (that has been provided to you in your enrollment slip), Security Code.
  4. After filling all the fields, click on check status.
  5. If your Aadhaar is generated, you will get a message regarding it and options to download your e-Aadhaar online or get it on your registered mobile number.
  6. Now if you want to download your Aadhaar, you can click on ‘Download Aadhaar’ or if you want to get it in mobile, click on ‘Get Aadhaar on Mobile’, but remember it should be your registered mobile number.

How To Download Aadhaar/ अपना आधार कार्ड कैसे डाउनलोड करें

In case you want to download an electronic copy of your Aadhaar, you have to follow a few simple steps and your e-Aadhaar will be available to you in a password protected PDF file.

  1. Click on the link we are providing you – “Click Here To Download Electronic Aadhaar
  2. You will be directed to a page, where you have to fill all the mandatory fields asked.
  3. After filling all the fields asked, click on ‘I want a masked Aadhaar’, enter captcha and click on ‘Send OTP’.
  4. You will get your E-Aadhaar.

Forgot EID/UID – How To Retrieve It/ क्या आप अपनी आधार संख्या या नामांकन संख्या भूल गए हैं – जाने कैसे आप उन्हें दोबारा प्राप्त कर सकते हैं

In case you have forgotton your Enrolment Number or Aadhaar Number, you just have to follow these simple steps to retrieve it.

  1. Click on the link we are providing you – ‘Retrieve Your Lost EID/UID‘.
  2. You will be directed to a new page, where you have to fill all the mandatory fields asked, i.e., your name, e-mail id, mobile number, but always remember fill the same details as you provided while enrolling yourself for Aadhaar.
  3. An OTP will be sent to you, enter that OTP and click on verify OTP.
  4. Once it is verified, your EID/UID will be sent to your registered email id and mobile number and will easily be able to retrieve your lost EID/UID.

Now Lets Talk About Why Aadhaar Card Is Important/ जाने आधार कार्ड क्यों आवश्यक है

Without having it, you cannot do anything. It is helpful for a lot of purpose like, LPG Subsidy, Jan Dhan Yojana, Passport in 10 days, Driving Licence, Digital Locker, Mobile Number, SEBI, Linking of Voter Card, Digital Life Certificate and many more. Not only Government Organisations, private organisations now a days are too asking for your Aadhar Cards to employ you. Even if you are applying for any competitive examination, Aadhar card number is a mandatory field that you need to fill. So, see how much important Aadhar Card has become in our lives.

Down below we are providing you with the 10 most important benefits of Aadhar Card.

Why Aadhar Card Is Important?

1. Bank account
Aadhar is the primary requirement for opening a bank account. Also, all existing bank account holders who had their accounts in banks before the introduction of Aadhar cards, now they have to provide their Aadhar numbers to their respective banks where they hold their accounts. It is also mandatory for any financial transaction of Rs. 50,000 and above. 

2. Income tax return
The government has made it compulsory to mention Aadhar number for filing of income tax return.

3. PAN card
Aadhar number is must if you apply for a Permanent Account Number (PAN). An existing PAN card has to be linked with the Aadhar number.

4. Easier EPF withdrawals: You can now link your Aadhar with the EPF account number. Through it, you can directly approach the EPFO for a withdrawal.

5. Mobile phone number
You have to link your Aadhar number to get a new phone number. The existing number also has to be linked with your Aadhar number, otherwise it will stop working.

6. Scholarships
Students who apply for central scholarships, educational loans and other financial assistance schemes need to provide their Aadhar number.

7. Passport Within 10 Days
Ministry of External Affairs has listed Aadhar card as one of the most mandatory documents for applying for a passport. If you have an Aadhar Card, you can get your passport ready in just 10 days. Under this format, police verification will be done at a later date as opposed to the previous rule requiring police verification which used to be time consuming. Also under the new government’s rule, if you need a passport, Aadhar number is must.  

8. Concession on railway tickets
To plug misuse and leakages, Indian Railways has made it mandatory to quote Aadhar to avail of concessions on railway tickets.

9. Mid-day meal
Students of government-funded schools will be able to get their mid-day meal only if they hold Aadhar Cards.

10. PDS benefits
Public distribution benefits have been linked to Aadhar Numbers. Individuals will have to link Aadhaar with ration cards to get all the PDS subsidy benefits. It has been made mandatory for almost all welfare schemes of Central government. 

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