How To Score Good Marks In Board Exams? Easy Ways

Are you looking forward for some tips or ways to score good marks in your board examinations? Are you a board student who is nervous for his or her board exams? Do you want to know what you should do while you get your question paper in your hands? So, just read the article very carefully.

We have answers to all these questions in this blog entry. We all are aware of the cut throat competition these days. Every one of us want to score good marks in our board examinations. Students work hard day and night for these examinations. When we are at the cross roads of our lives the result of class 12th board matters the most as it decides the further path which we will opt for after that. Our career decision depends on the result we get in these examinations. The main point is that these examinations are very important for each and every student. Therefore in this blog entry we are going to provide you with some tips regarding “HOW TO SCORE GOOD MARKS IN BOARD EXAMS?”
Scroll down my post for all inclusive details on how to prepare for board examinations.

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If we talk about board examinations preparation, it is not of one or two weeks. Many students have a perception that they will start studying a few weeks before the examinations and will be able to score good marks. Indeed, they can. But the scores are average. If you are among those students who want average marks or just want to pass your examination then preparation of a few weeks or days before the examinations is sufficient. However now a days average marks are considered nothing. Every one wants good marks. For that you need to start your academic syllabus from the month of April itself. You should make some strategies of finishing up with your syllabus by the end of november, so that the last two to three months could be properly devoted to the revision work.
Not yet started??? Then what are you waiting for, it’s never too late.
Start your preparations.

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Down below We have provided you with some points regarding the process of your study. Here are some preparation points you need to follow.

  • Start studying from the month of APRIL only. Practicing and learning daily makes it easy for you to cover the entire syllabus without any difficulties.
  • You also need to keep on revising what you have studied. Make a day for example Keep sundays for revision work. On this day, you will revise everything you have studied in the entire week.
  • Write what you are learning. It will help you memorizing concepts faster and for a long term.
  • Conduct tests for yourself. It can be monthly or weekly.
  • You need to make a proper time table where you have to distribute your time among all the subjects. Some subjects require lesser time than the other subjects. But devote time to each and every subject.
  • Do not keep a misconception that language subjects are easy and could be done on the day of exams or on preparatory leave days. You need to give time to them also.

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  • Once you complete your syllabus start solving previous years question papers. There are a number of model papers available in the market. Purchase them and try solving a number of sample papers. There are various advantages of solving sample/ model papers. All these advantages are discussed down below.
  • Involve your friends also. Keeping all your funny gossips aside start asking and solving your doubts. Friends are the ones because of whom you sway away from your path. You know what is right for yourself. Give your friends a break and focus on your studies. Tell them to study and focus too.
  • Study according to the latest pattern.
  • Give yourself a taste of board examinations. Lock yourself in a room for three hours and solve a question paper. See how much you know. Were you able to complete the paper on time, that is within three hours? What were the topics and questions you were not able to attempt?
    This practice will definitely work and help you. You need to try these. Try this the maximum number of time you can.
  • Never hesitate to get your doubts clear from your teachers. They are the best way to learn. Still if you have doubts surf net.

These are some of the ways to be ready for the final showdown. We hope it helped you. Scroll down my post for more ways and tips to gear your self up for your board exams.

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Have you wasted your time? Is no time left with you? Are you too tensed about your board exams?
The above provided tips will work if you have a full one academic year. But if you have wasted your time and exams are on your head then what you will do? See now hard work is not going to work. It’s time for some smart work. Start working smartly.
Start solving sample papers. You will come to know the most frequently asked questions. Prepare them. But only this is not enough. Go through
important topics. Practice them. Sometimes exact previous years questions comes. Grab those marks.

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Sample papers are the best way to gear oneself up for any assessment.Sample papers will help you to know where you stand and how you will perform in the final show. Moreover it increases your self confidence and you become familiar with the layout of the question paper. Candidates realize the amount of time they need to give to each question.

These sample papers brush up your knowledge. Also it helps you in enhancing your speed, getting your concepts clear through practice. Most of all it is a source of practice.

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In this paragraph, we are going to provide you all with some important tips while you are sitting in an Examination Hall. If you are going to follow these tips in the examination hall you will definitely be benefited.

  • TIP1: Read the question paper thoroughly. A thorough read is very important. Focus on every part of the question paper.
  • TIP2: Start solving the paper. Write whatever you know in the first go.
  • TIP3: If you have solved most of the paper then it’s good. But if not then again read the paper and write the related answers.
  • TIP4: Start devoting your time to the questions you are not sure about.
  • TIP5: Do not give all your time to a single question, if you are not able to solve it in two or three goes. Keep it for last.
  • TIP6: Proper numbering is very important.
  • TIP7: Write only what is asked for. Do not over elaborate. Just stick to the point.
  • TIP8: Save time for 5 marks questions.
  • TIP9: Concentrate on your paper.
  • TIP10: Do not be conscious. Have confidence in what you have learnt.
  • TIP11: Attempt every question.
  • TIP12: Write your answers neatly.

These were few tips but mind that these tips are very useful. Students feel nervous and loose their confidence whenever they think of their board exams. They have fear for the board examinations. Indeed it is important, as it plays a very significant role in deciding your future. But a proper practice will allow you to conquer it well. If you are ready with all your subjects then your confidence will itself boost up. You will have a positive attitude towards the examinations.

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Technology has spread its tentacles in almost every sphere of our lives. It is a boon if used properly. Students nowadays have started studying with the help of mobile phones. They browse internet and study through various websites. It is also a good and updated way to prepare for your board exams. But while surfing students gets distracted from their path. They start using other social networking sites. This sway them away from their paths. This is the only disadvantage of studying through internet. Other than that it has many advantages including different answers from different teachers.

There are various websites and apps which provide you with all the study material. If you are not satisfied with one you can move to some other website. Apart from that there are you tube videos where different professors and teachers are available with their videos. You can take help from these videos. Just avoid getting distracted.

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Hope the provided stuff worked and helped you out. These were some tips and methods to score good marks in board examinations. If you liked them do share these with your friends so that they could also be helped. Our team wish you good luck and a great results ahead. If you have any query regarding the results please leave your query in the comment section. We will try to solve your issues as soon as possible.

What tips should one follow to get good marks in board examinations?

There are a number of tips you should follow while preparing for board examinations. Some of the important ones are dispensed above in this article. A thorough reading of this article will help you out.

What is the role of sample papers in the preparation of board examinations?

Sample papers play a very important role in the preparation of board examinations. Not only it boosts up your self confidence but also it provides a layout of the question paper, that is it gives an idea about the paper.

Do online study helps in the preparation of board examinations?

Yes , Online studying through various websites and you tube videos help you learning a lot.

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